Classic EXC

Three distinct wearing positions for ease of use

Unique injection moulded inserts provide excellent attenuation and maximum space for the ears inside the cup. EXC can be equipped with a selection of visors and is suitable for most noise situations.

Helmet mounted

  • Patented spring design offers low pressure tension and a high level of comfort.
  • Three distinct wearing positions for ease of use.
  • Excellent grip makes it easy to adjust even when wearing gloves.


  • Wide and soft padding provides a firm fit.
  • Adjustable headband force for individual fit.
  • Two-point mounting system ensures pressure is distributed evenly around the cushion.
  • Unique moulded inserts give excellent noise attenuation and provide maximum space for the ears inside the cup.

20010-S : EXC Headband
10010-S : EXC Helmet Mounted Adapter No 1

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Suitable for applications


EXC Helmet Mounted

Category = Medium
Weight = 215 g

Performance/damping values
SNR = 26
H = 29
M = 23
L = 15


EXC Headband

Category = Medium
Weight = 218 g

Performance/damping values
SNR = 27
H = 31
M = 24
L = 16