A hearing protection system with many opportunities

Supreme is available with green or black cups, with a foldable headband or as a neckband version. As standard it is equipped with a comfortable foam sealing cushion but the headband versions are also available with a gel cushion.

Supreme Military

The electronic design is based upon our own ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) circuit and controlled by a micro-processor. This makes it possible to combine very low current consumption with high performance and instead of cutting off peak sounds it compresses them down to al level of 82 dB(A).

The Sordin Supreme Pro X are hearing protectors that reproduce a natural and realistic sound. You should have perfect locational hearing without any disturbing noise. Superb sound quality and high amplification actually let you hear better when wearing our hearing protection. All moving components are made of steel, microphones are waterproof and circuit boards are lacquered and therefore water protected.

Supreme Hunting

By wearing a Sordin ear muff with “CutOff” function you can communicate face-to-face with other persons as well as hearing commands and instructions without removing the hearing protector, even when others are shooting. An amplification of weak sounds also allows you to hear your dog or game at a more far distance than without ear muffs.

Active/Electronical Earmuffs